MVC Possible?

Okay, so its time to knuckle up and really become an export at Microsoft’s MVC framework.  For too long my work wont allow for me to train in new technologies because of tight time lines, I had made the commitment six months ago to upgrade my Microsoft skill set no matter what.

At the begging of 2012 most of the Microsoft web applications I have been developing where written with Visual Basic in web forms which worked very well under the client requirements and the business rules.   I have been developing in this style for the past six years and I was starting to not feel challenged or engaged any longer.

Since my commitment of upgrading my Microsoft programming skills, I have successfully converted from Visual Basic to programming in C#.  Which I LOVE!   I have started to use the Entity Framework which is the new database standard in the Microsoft world and I have also converted a lot of my Facebook SDK libaries in PHP over to C#.  For the first time in a few years, I’m starting to feel good about the work I do with Microsoft products once again.

My current hurdle to jump is developing with the MVC framework, which I’m starting to feel comfortable with now.  Hopefully soon I can sink this new skill set into a real world project.

What’s next on my list of to do’s you may be asking?   Two words, “The Cloud”.    I’ve toyed around with Microsoft’s Azure, so I am getting excited to actually build a real world website on it.   I also have the desire to build an app for Windows 8 Metro and Windows Phone.

Will I have the time to go down those roads?  I do hope, so my fingers are crossed.   Feeling good about Microsoft folks!

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